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Prezi success

posted Feb 18, 2011 16:32:50 by shanonsims
I'm very excited about I've made my first one, a very extensive one for my poetry unit. I've embedded documents, videos, and organized content. I've also spent hours figuring it out, emailing for support, lost everything only to find it extremely reduced (it "zoomed" away...), relinked items, and said a few cuss words. However, I love the concept and am finding satisfaction with this style over a linear and static PowerPoint style presentation. The collaborative aspect is exciting... I visited with Sean from Akins (Travis Peterson's ex-student teacher) who teaches English III & English IV at New Tech. He said the collaboration makes students accountable within groups, encourages anytime/anywhere learning, and incorporates some peer pressure to participate. Still assessing whether that's a good thing or not. He might be willing to share some insight with us and give examples.
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