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PDU paper & timeline

posted Apr 04, 2011 00:55:33 by hhmurphy
From the Common Planning Time PLC meeting at Travis during 4th block on March 30, I picked up the following elements of a PDU study group paper:
1) PDU Focus
2) PDU Study Process - What activities enabled you to improve?
3) Classroom application - How did you use each strategy in your classroom? What were the results?
4) Personal learning and collaboration - What literature and professional development did you study, discuss and implement? How did the PDU improve your practice? (include examples from your study) How did the PDU impact you socially and professionally as a member of the PDU team?
5) What's next?

So, the timeline is: between now and April 7, all teachers must perform a peer observation.
I am eager to observe one of my PDU team-mates using strategies related to this study group on technology, if we can possibly find the time (tough - because almost all of us have CPT 4th block!) I am hoping I can work out some kind of opportunity to observe Candy working with her Smartboard, and employing some of the regular strategies she was so good to model for us at our last meeting together as a Tech PDU.

We also need to be gathering data on our applications of these strategies in our classrooms.

April 7 - 15 was suggested as the deadline for a 1st draft of the reflection paper.

So, as much as I have been enjoying and encouraged by our work together thus far, I am challenged by the urgency of our forward advance!

I welcome Shanon's gentle reminders to get started with use of the discussion board on this website!

I hope this at least a small start, and I look forward to what others have to contribute.

I have an extremely busy month ahead, with my own graduate studies, as well as a couple of special events, so this seems like a critical time for us to support each other.
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