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presentation meetings

posted Apr 25, 2011 22:35:25 by hhmurphy
Steve and I met for about an hour during 8th block today.
(I also had brief meetings at other parts of the day with Cynthia and Candy and Shanon)

the conversation covered:
- using the group Weebly website (yes, this one!) more to
participate in discussion threads
(Shanon also reviewed with me when we spoke in her room how files can be posted and uploaded)

-Steve and I conferred about how to employ Prezi as the overall presentation tool
- also, how to link the Personal Brian to Prezi and to Weebly

We also went over the paper, and exchanged ideas about the drafts we have in progress.
We went over the paper rubic.
We talked about how we plan to incorporate student data on implementation of the tools.

We also went through the elements of the group binder, as Ms. Vega had assembled for us, and talked about what pieces we would add under each tab.

Finally, I took Steve through my Personal Brain for the first time, and he showed me how to troubleshoot various aspects I'm still learning.

We shared out enthusiasm for this type of learning and its relevance.

Shanon reported being extremely busy with evening school.

Candy and I spoke earlier in the afternoon regarding enormous outside challenges she is grappling with right now.

Thus, we are also making it a priority to devote extra effort to searching for ways to include evident of the extraordinary efforts of Candy and Shanon, under the constraints of the time they have available to collaborate.

Best to all! Hang in there w/ end of semester stresses!

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